Assia Lingerie is a high-end French lingerie label offering fine lingerie collections created by designer Assia Moireaud. Each lingerie collection is unique and has its own distinctive personality. Assia lingerie is 100% made in France from the best French, Italian and Swiss materials hand-picked by Assia.
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Assia Amazone Camisole
  US $66.08
Assia Amazone Shorts
  US $54.68
Assia Chamane Nightie
  US $74.43
Assia Diva Pyjama Top
  US $79.75
Assia Eleonor Shorty
  US $60.00
Assia Elfe Brief
  US $54.68
Assia Elfe Camisole
  US $67.60
Assia Elfe Classic Bra
  US $67.60
Assia Elfe Push-Up Bra
  US $67.60
Assia Indigo Nightie
  US $63.80
Assia Marquise Nightie
  US $67.60
Assia Perle Shorts
  US $54.68
Assia Romance Nightie
  US $69.87
Assia Tenebre G-String
  US $51.65
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