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Luxxa Taureau Body

Luxxa Taureau Body - French lingerie by Luxxa.

Sumptuous body with balconette bra with support foam, adorned with jacquard lace, hemlined with festoon with black beaded fringes.
Half-moon lace straps are adjustable and embellished with embroidered festoon, back fastening with nickel adornment.
Whaleboned lace breastplate made of jacquard lace, bust adorned with black beaded fringes. G-string fitted by two adjustable braces.
New: each side of the body is maintained by flexible whalebones for a better support. Adjustable waistline, low-cut appliqué work at the back, adjustable braces to enhance your waist.
At the front, triangular g-string made of lace hemlined with festoon with fringes.

The low-cut at the back guarantees a sexy figure.

Made in France.
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